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AMD’s Athlon steps up to 64 Cheap Michael Kors outlet bits

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Advanced Micro Devices wants to give you something Intel can’t.

The chipmaker unveiled its Athlon 64 processor on Tuesday at a San Francisco event hosted by CEO Hector Ruiz. Along with added cheap michael kors performance, the chip offers PC buyers the option of upgrading to 64 bit software a feature Intel’s Pentium doesn’t offer. Such software, which offers improved graphics capabilities, will start hitting shelves later this year.

Analysts have said that in order for AMD to set itself apart in the PC processor race, it needs two michael kors outlet things: competitive performance and something its archrival doesn’t have.

“AMD needs to demonstrate that it’s competitive with Intel and at the same time is offering some differentiation one of the things it is doing through 64 bit capability,” said Dean McCarron, analyst with Mercury Research.

On the performance front, sources familiar with AMD’s plans Michael Kors handbags cheap said the Athlon 64 will run at higher than expected clock speeds, a measure that will Michael Kors help against Intel.

AMD’s Athlon 64 chip gives PC buyers the option of improving graphics by upgrading to 64 bit software a choice Intel’s Pentium doesn’t offer. Bottom line:

Analysts have said AMD needs something its archrival doesn’t have. Though some question the mainstream appeal of gaming oriented, 64 bit capabilities, AMD argues that since Athlon 64 based systems will cost about the same as rival 32 bit systems, consumers will think, “Why not?”

Intel’s current Pentium chips and those expected in the near future offer higher clock speeds but stick with 32 bits. In contrast, the Athlon 64 can run both 32 bit and 64 bit software. And it’s that ability Replica Michael Kors Handbags to run both types of software at the same time that AMD is cheap Michael Kors handbags counting on to tempt buyers.

In its Athlon 64 marketing efforts, the company will Michael Kors from china tout a “buy it now, upgrade it later” approach. People who buy cheap michael kors an Athlon 64 based PC now will pay about the same price as they would for a comparable 32 bit system, but they’ll have the ability to upgrade to new 64 bit software.

A person could purchase an Athlon 64 desktop all of which will come with 32 bit software and operating systems initially then, when needed, upgrade to a 64 bit version of Microsoft’s Windows XP and still run the 32 bit version of Microsoft Office and other everyday applications, while also making the switch to 64 bit games or other software.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the availability of a beta, or test, version of its Windows XP operating system for 64 bit AMD chips, such as the Athlon 64. The software giant said it would ship the production version of the operating system in the first half of 2004.

“This is the first time we have 64 bit capability on the (Windows PC) client side,” said Rich Heye, general manager for AMD’s Microprocessor Business Unit. “We allow our customers to migrate to 64 bits when they Michael Kors from China want to, when there’s a need. They can get that killer application, and whatever else they’re using Office or what have you can stay the same.”

And to those who argue that not all PC buyers are overly concerned with graphics, Heye has this to say: “Why wouldn’t you buy 64 bits? You’re going to be paying no more than for it than a 32 bit system.”

Besides, gamers may represent a small percentage of PC buyers, but because they demand cutting edge technology, their business is highly profitable, making them a popular target for chip and PC manufacturers.

To aid AMD’s 64 bit argument, three or four major game makers are working on 64 bit titles. One company, Epic, has already demonstrated a 64 bit version of its Unreal Tournament game. Several other companies are working on or evaluating versions of their editing software for Athlon 64, Heye said. In addition, several versions of the Linux operating system will be available.

“We want to get away from blocky and chunky to cinematic (graphics), to get that realism on your desktop,” Heye said. “You might not get there in 2004, but you’ll never get there unless someone puts down the baseline technology.”

Because the Athlon 64 is also expected to offer competitive performance running 32 bit software, the chip promises to add a little heat to the processor performance race.

Ironically, it was Intel that struck first. Last week, the chipmaker announced its plans to offer the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition, a version of its 3.2GHz Pentium 4 chip with an additional 2MB of cache memory. A processor cache is a performance boosting technique that provides a pool of data storage near the processor core.

AMD would not share any specifics, such as model numbers, clock speeds or prices, for this story, but the company did share its take on performance.Articles Connexes´╝Ü

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